I’m a second-year law student at Osgoode Hall Law School.

I am also a seasoned information technology professional. During my previous career as a computer scientist, I witnessed great change in the information technology sector and have first-hand experience of real-world problems. My proven track record of delivering timely solutions to complex problems involving people and technology has formed a solid foundation to meet the challenges of the legal profession. I am excited to apply my life-long technical experience and work on the growing landscape of legal issues.

My technical career is complemented by interests which demonstrate my passion to excel and lead. As an athlete, I am an intrepid adventurer: I have gone backcountry trekking in northern Ontario, bicycled solo 600-kilometers across southern Ontario, and hiked Mount Kilimanjaro. I am an avid swimmer, rock climber, cyclist, runner, and hockey player. As a public speaker, my enthusiasm for oration propelled me to the presidency of three literary and debating organizations. Finally, I perform in community theatre to nurture my creative interests. These theatrical pursuits enrich my imagination and improve the creativity I use to solve problems.

My interest in law is threefold. Firstly, the rapid pace of technological evolution is accelerating the growth of new legal challenges and my distinct background as an experienced professional in the high-tech sector uniquely positions me to shape and influence those legal decisions to come. Secondly, my drive to help people advocate for themselves has also cultivated my interest in law. Finally, I love intellectual challenges and solving problems. Legal problems are involved, complex, and deeply challenging.