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Teaching CIS1200 (TA)

CIS 1200 During the Winter (January to April) 2008 semester, I served as a Teaching Assistant for CIS1200 at the University of Guelph. This website is intended for historical reference and in the hope that it will assist future generations of students.

"This course is an introduction to computer hardware and software, data organization, problem-solving and programming. Exposure to application packages for personal and business use. For students who wish a balance between programming and the use of software packages."
 - Professor Dyer

I suggest you take a look at the official course material(s) at the following locations:

I will be following the existing lab material in the order it is presented on the professor's website on a weekly basis to complement the assignment requirements. My lab notes contained herein will supplement Professor Dyer's lab notes with modernized instructions and illustrations.

I do not expect you to have completed the scheduled lab exercise before your lab. However, I do expect you to have at least speed-read the material once such that you have a general familiarity with the topic.

My labs are on Thursday morning at 10:00am and 11:30am. If you have trouble with the material after the lab has concluded, you may attempt to attend another lab session if there is room. I also encourage you to post a question on the Blackboard discussion forum which is monitored by Teaching Assistants.

My Seminars

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