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This course has a lot of elements that are just frustrating to find, remember or to do. This index is a set of common issues or concerns I have encountered. If you think something needs to go here, e-mail me!

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Where is the course FTP server?
Here: ftp://snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca/pub/cis1200/.

Publishing in Microsoft Expression Web

Publishing isn't working!
Publishing (in general) only works in either THRN 1313 or THRN 1319. Is your username not working? Send an e-mail to pcrepair@cis.uoguelph.ca with your name, student number and our the course code to get added to the index.

What is the ftp server to publish to?
ftp://ftp.cis.uoguelph.ca and leave the directory field blank. [Example]

Where will my publised site end up?

Save a Word Document as a Web Page

How do I save a Word Document as a Web Page?
Open your document in Word. From the main menu, choose "Save As", "Other Formats". Like so:

Save As Other Formats

In the Save As dialog box, click on the Save as type drop-down list and find Web Page (*.htm; *.html), click on it. Note, you may need to scroll the list to see all the formats.

Save As Web Page

Make sure you save your Newsletter.htm file in the same directory as the rest of the files on your web site! Otherwise it won't link or publish correctly!

Reserved Words in JavaScript

Are there any words I shouldn't use for variable or function names?
abstract boolean break byte case catch char class clear const continue debugger default delete do double else enum export extends false final finally float for function goto if implements import in instanceof int interface label long native new null package private protected public return short static super switch synchronized this throw throws transient true try typeof var void volitile while with

Lab 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 |  » 

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