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Web Developer

Development Projects | Design Portfolio | Coming Soon

I am an experienced web developer with many years experience developing and maintaining professional-quality web sites. The following is a selection of recent or notable design projects and is not an extensive list.

As a dedicated designer and web engineer, I strive for excellence in appearance and structure and am well versed in the principles of good web design. I endeavour to create standards-compliant web pages to ensure optimum interoperability. For example, feel free to check the validity of this web page and style sheet. While not listed below, the website you are currently viewing is quite naturally an integral component of my portfolio as well.

E-mail Contact me if you would like a new or improved website.

Design Portfolio

Monica Bharadwaj Monica Bharadwaj
April 2011
The Law Firm of Monica Bharadwaj LL.B. is committed to providing highly professional and efficacious service in an efficient and confidential manner.

Socratic Theatre Collective Socratic Theatre Collective
October 2010
Socratic Theatre is a theatre artists' collective dedicated to producing high-quality theatre that creates a dialogue within the company, among the audience, and across the traditional divide.

Russell Silverstein & Associate Russell Silverstein & Associate
September 2010
Russell Silverstein & Associate represent clients at all stages of the criminal law process from bail hearings, bail reviews and preliminary inquiries to trials, appeals and extradition hearings.

Christopher Biscoe Christopher Biscoe
August 2010
Christopher Biscoe is a Toronto criminal defence lawyer. Christopher has dedicated his education and career to defending a client's freedom, name and reputation.

Gosio & Wickramsinghe LLP Gosio & Wickramsinghe LLP
May 2010
Gosio & Wickramsinghe LLP is a Toronto based law firm practicing exclusively in the field of criminal law. For this site, I preserved an existing style but overhauled the content to make it visible to search engines.

Pieces of Nine Pieces of Nine: Treasure Hunt Planning
March 2010
Pieces of Nine plans custom treasure hunts and scavenger hunts of varying scopes and durations. There are public location-specific treasure and scavenger hunts and an option to plan your own private hunt.

Geography Society Guelph Geography Society
February 2010
The Geography Society is the voice of the students in the Geography Department at the University of Guelph and aims to create a community within the program.

Toronto Debating Society Toronto Debating Society
August 2009
The Toronto Debating Society is a non-profit public community organization; the first and oldest non-university debating club in Toronto. Members meet every other Tuesday to debate topical and interesting resolutions.

MW Research & Consulting MW Research & Consulting
July 2009
MW Research & Consulting (MWRC) is a strategic research and consulting firm specializing in the Information Technology (IT) industry focusing on hardware, software, services and go-to-market strategies.

International Development Society Guelph International Development Society
September 2008
The International Development society endeavors to represent and serve as a resource for International Development students and activities at the University of Guelph.

Bungee for Google Earth Greg Heppenstall - GPS Software: Bungee for Google Earth™
July 2008
Bungee provides an effective way to present the information in your GPS receiver on the free version of Google Earth. Bungee can operate with any GPS receiver provided with a serial, NMEA interface.

College of Physical and Engineering Science Student Council Guelph College of Physical and Engineering Science Student Council
May 2007
The Student Council for the University of Guelph's College of Physical and Engineering Science has a prime duty to ensure the well being of students in the college by providing services and events.

Development Projects

For these projects, the emphasis of my development is on new implementations of functionality. Design contributions may or may not be minor, but are not the focus of this section.

University of Guelph JudicialUniversity of Guelph Judicial Office | July 2009 The Judicial Office is responsible for the management of the administrative tribunals of the University of Guelph. For this project, I was responsible for editing content and integrating the new material into an existing template created by the University. This template did not conform to XHTML 1.0, so I proceeded to make small, imperceptible modifications to ensure that the new site would validate. The result was a self-contained, independant website which integrated seamlessly with the primary University website.

Rogers IPST InfoCentreRogers IPST InfoCentre | February 2006 The IPST InfoCentre is a centralised web-based file system for multi-purpose information storage and collaboration for the IP Services and Technology group at Rogers Communications. In conjunction with a number of existing web-technologies (such as Subversion, Apache, RADIUS and ViewVC), I developed web2svn: a dynamic approach to authenticated web-based version control.

Coming Soon

What is coming soon? Perhaps an improvement to your website... As an aspiring professional designer, I am always keen to further develop my skills and expand my portfolio.

E-mail Contact me if you would like a new or improved website.

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