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BlueCoat Systems

Quality Assurance Software Test Engineer (Co-op)

Blue Coat Systems is the world leader in web-based proxy appliances. Blue Coat endeavours to maintain corporate productivity levels while making the web good for business. In pursuit of this goal, one of Blue Coat's primary goals is to keep "good" employees from doing "bad" things on the internet.

As a quality assurance co-op student, my tasks included day-to-day product testing to seek out and identify software defects and deficiencies as well as the verification and validation of solutions to known issues. My assigned product system was The Spyware Interceptor: a cutting-edge proxy appliance which filters spyware traffic on a corporate scale.

"The appliance utilizes SCOPE (Spyware Catching Object Protection Engine) technology to prevent both known and unknown forms of spyware at the gateway, which uniquely allows access to legitimate Web applications and the ability to safely view spyware-laden Web sites without becoming infected..."

Work Term Report

PDF Blue Coat Work Term Report (Adobe Acrobat).

I independently evaluated software and searched for defects while maintaining an integrated web-based infrastructure of known issues. Working closely with the development team, I was able to suggest plans and courses of action for issue resolution. In addition, I authored and co-authored a variety of technical assistance documents to be utilized by my coworkers and successors.

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