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CaseWare International

Application Software Engineer

CaseWare LobbyCaseWare International Inc. is a development leader of financial management and engagement software tailored to accountants, auditors and financial managers worldwide.

As a member of a small development team, I had the opportunity to work independently and collaborate on a variety of challenging problems. My responsibilities included a diverse set of tasks from developing major new features and diagnosing problems reported from peers, clients or quality control.


My team was assigned to the CaseView project, a dynamic next-generation text editor for Working Papers, the flagship product. CaseView boasts a unique combination of rich text manipulation coupled with advanced calculation environments.

The extensibility of this application is exercised by a software development kit which is utilized by CaseWare Template Developers. CaseView Templates are a distinctive product line which provide high-quality and up-to-date accounting and auditing document systems for economic professionals worldwide.

"CaseWare SDK is a collection of development tools for CaseWare users to extend the power and functionality of CaseWare applications." - CaseWare SDK

As a result of this alignment of objectives within the same development environment, I had the remarkable capability of consulting with fellow developers whom also happen to be end users of my application. Positioned within this setting, I was constantly able to exercise my problem solving and intrapersonal skills in an effort to resolve a multiplicity of software issues.

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