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Applications & Technology Developer (Co-op)

Rogers BuildingRogers Communications Inc. sits at the forefront of innovation as it continually refines and improves its products and services to meet the needs of its clients. For a co-op student, it provides a fast-paced and quickly changing working environment with the opportunity to work independently and collaborate with others.

During my time at Rogers, I was stationed within the Rogers Cable division as a member of the IPST (IP Services and Technology) department. My position as an Architecture and Technology co-op required a great deal of self-direction, innovation, problem solving and research. Independent work constituted a vast majority of my time in the department.

In addition to a few side tasks - racking and jumpstarting new servers, software installation/configuration and data entry - my main task was to work on an independent project for the team. The details of this project form the backbone of this report.

Work Term Report
Project Abstract

This report has been awarded Third Prize at the 2006 Co-op Celebration event.

As opposed to working directly on company and department projects, my project was directed towards assisting the developers and managers share information, collaborate on source code and manage projects. Prior to my arrival, there was essentially no universal centralised data storage facility for the department.

An on-site FTP server was being used to house important installation packages and configuration files. However, with an FTP server, allowing any user to add files includes the risk that important files may be overwritten. An innocent file upgrade may destroy an important earlier version. Furthermore, allowing no single person to have management access to the server would mean that an administrator would be responsible for the contents of the server. This one person would need to devote additional time and energy to this project and without this person, additions or changes to the server's contents would be impossible.

The solution appeared to be to use a versioned filesystem, much like those offered by SCM and source version management utilities. Within the first few hours of my work term, I suggested we use a tool called, Subversion, and integrate it into our infrastructure.

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