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A New Technology: Web2svn

In order to complete the missing link, a new piece of software technology was required. The development of web2svn - a totally new approach to authenticated web-based version control - began. This software remains the property of Rogers Communications Incorporated.

Figure 5 - Web2svn Logo by Dave Heppenstall

Web2svn utilises the CGI interface of Apache to execute server-side instructions for the Subversion client. The final application is actually a suite of scripts which run under Python and ksh and each executes task(s) directed towards a specific goal. The front-end of the application exists in the ViewVC dynamic templates; html forms post data received from the user and from environment variables stored within the ViewVC dynamic interface.

Below are examples of the existing ViewVC interface with new web2svn plug-ins:

Create New Repository
Figure 6 - Create New Repository

Create New Directories and Upload Files
Figure 7 - Create New Directories and Upload Files

Whenever scripts are executing on the system based on input from users, there is a chance that malicious users would attempt to execute harmful commands. The security settings in Apache already existent to authenticate users who browse ViewVC CGI also protect web2svn CGI applications. However, the utmost care has also been taken to protect the system by writing routines and instructions defensively.

Conclusion: The IPST InfoCentre

Each of the described open-source utilities combined with the advent of web2svn technology provide a new and centralised universal file system for multi-purpose information storage and collaboration. The interface to the IPST InfoCentre is pictured below; click the image to start the tour.

The IPST InfoCentre
Figure 8 - The IPST InfoCentre

Hopefully, this information system will remain the universal datacenter for IPST long beyond my time with the company.

[DOC] IPST InfoCentre Documentation.

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