Osgoode Hall Law Journal

OSGOODE HALL LAW SCHOOL — In the latest issue of the Osgoode Hall Law Journal, David Heppenstall reviews Frontline Justice: The Evolution and Reform of Summary Trials in the Canadian Armed Forces by Pascal Lévesque.

Critical reviews of new academic literature form an important aspect of the Osgoode Hall Law Journal‘s mandate to provide innovative, interdisciplinary, and provocative legal scholarship. David is honoured for his review to be published in the Journal, one of Canada’s premier peer-reviewed law journals.

In Frontline Justice, Lévesque considered it his duty to contribute to improving the military justice system, a system that must balance discipline and justice and operate even during extraordinary times, including during war and large-scale conflicts.

He succeeds. Lévesque connects a solid and compelling case for reform with a wide audience.

Frontline Justice (ISBN 9780773559301) is available from McGill-Queen’s University Press in paperback, cloth, or eBook.