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Résumé and Curriculum Vitae

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June 2008 University of Guelph
B.Comp (Honours) co-op
  • Honours Bachelor of Computing with Co-operative Education.


October 2008
to June 2009
CaseWare International
Application Software Engineer
  • Developed new features for a key product as a member of an engineering team.
  • Investigated and corrected application crashes and behavioural abnormalities by analyzing crash dumps and stack traces provided by clients.
  • Liaised with quality assurance and customer support to diagnose problems.
May 2007
to August 2007
Department of National Defence
Research Software Developer (Co-op)
  • Independently enhanced a research simulation application by developing new functionality and resolving issues as the software developer supporting a team of defence scientists.
  • Designed a priority and queue system to manage simulations from a control application.
  • Developed the capacity to recover data from interrupted processes.
September 2006
to December 2006
CMC Electronics
Military Software Engineer (Co-op)
  • Developed embedded user interface software for the Flight Management Control Display Unit system on board the Sikorsky Cyclone CH-148 helicopter.
  • Performed software and system verification and validation testing using a software emulation environment and prototype avionics equipment in a laboratory setting.
  • Wrote, proofread and edited software design and requirements documents.
January 2006
to April 2006
Rogers Cable
Applications & Technology Developer (Co-op)
  • Developed and managed a fully integrated, web-based version control system to house product source code, project documents, and other departmental information.
  • Assembled, installed, networked and configured the software for new hardware equipment.
May 2005
to August 2005
Blue Coat Systems
Quality Assurance Software Test Engineer (Co-op)
  • Developed and implemented test cases to validate features for new software packages.
  • Independently explored software interfaces to search for bugs and abnormal behaviour.
  • Supervised an assortment of known bugs and when corrected, verified their resolution.


Toronto Debating Society
Vice President
2009 to Present
  • The Walter Vaughan Medal recognizes the contributions of a University of Guelph Student senator who has high academic standing and who has made a substantial contribution to student life and to the University.
University of Guelph Senate
Student Senator
2007 to 2008
  • Elected to represent the students of the Bachelor of Computing degree on the University of Guelph's academic governing body.
  • Defended the interests of computing students and kept the student body informed about important issues being presented to Senate.
Department of Computing and Information Science
Teaching Assistant
  • Conducted lab seminars and marked assignments for a course which introduced the Microsoft Office suite and elementary web development to University students.
Computer Science Club
Webmaster and Community Liaison
2004 to 2006
  • Served in the capacity of two executive positions, community liaison and webmaster.
  • Participated and assisted in the programming and running of educational and social events for new, potential and current computer science students.
Student Housing Services
Residence Assistant
2004 to 2005
  • Provided personal, emotional and academic counselling to a community of over forty students as a live-in student leader.
  • Fostered community building and promoted safe and healthy living.
  • Mediated disputes between students having interpersonal difficulties.

Awards and Honours

Walter Vaughan Medal Nominee May 2008
  • The Walter Vaughan Medal recognizes the contributions of a University of Guelph Student senator who has high academic standing and who has made a substantial contribution to student life and to the University.
CIBC Technology and Operation Report Award February 2007
  • The Work Term Report Award is awarded to a student for a co-op work term report which is the best in excellence, creativity, writing and presentation.
Rock Climbing Club "Ironman" Award November 2005
  • The Ironman is the achievement presented to the competitor who successfully completes the greatest number of indoor rock climbing problems.
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