SHAW CENTRE, OTTAWA — In a Special Convocation of the Law Society of Ontario, Treasurer Teresa Donnelly conferred upon David Heppenstall the degree of Barrister-at-Law, and called him to the Bar of Ontario. In a subsequent joint session of the Court of Appeal and the Superior Court of Justice, David swore the oath required to practise law and the oath of allegiance. Thus, as of this date, David is authorized to practise law as a barrister and solicitor in the Province of Ontario.

As a prerequisite for admission to the lawyer licensing process, David Heppenstall received his Juris Doctor degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2021. During the licensing process, David completed his experiential training through the articling program as a student-at-law under Marty Rabinovitch at Devry Smith Frank LLP. As a graduate of the process, David has demonstrated the requisite competencies to provide effective legal services.

David Heppenstall accepts the honour and privilege, duty and responsibility of practising law. Further, David embraces the legal community’s commitment to professionalism, to the rule of law, and to the independence of the bar.

David Heppenstall is deeply grateful to his colleagues, professors, mentors, friends, and family for all of their guidance and support along the journey to today. He looks forward to giving back to his community as he serves the public interest.

David Heppenstall now commences his legal practice which shall be governed by the principles of fearless advocacy, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and precision.